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John F. Greene is a trial attorney with over 39 years of courtroom experience. He has lived in Destin for 24 years, and his primary office is in Destin off US Highway 98 one mile east of the Destin Commons and Mid-Bay Bridge.

His primary practice areas:

  • Family Law & Military Divorce
  • DUI & Criminal Defense
  • Serious Personal Injury & Death
  • Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcies

John F. Greene provides a full range of legal services in:

  • The 1st Judicial Circuit Courts of Okaloosa, Walton, and Santa Rosa Counties
  • The 14th Judicial Circuit Court of Bay County
  • The United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida

His full-service law firm represents legal matters pertaining to divorce and family law, DUI and criminal defense, personal injury, motor vehicle claims, and bankruptcy.

Destin is experiencing rapid growth. Existing home sales and the construction of new homes are on the rise. New businesses are opening daily. And Destin is now an all year tourist destination attracting families on vacation, Snowbirds, and College Spring Breakers. With the recent influx come the associated problems. Families feel the stress and financial burdens of relocation, crime is on the rise, the Sheriffs have cracked down on DUI and underage drinking, and Highway 98 has been the scene of many serious accidents involving death and injury.

If you have been arrested, whether it be for possession of drugs, DUI, minor in possession or any other criminal offense, I can help. Call me immediately if you have been arrested for a felony or misdemeanor on a federal or state charge. A criminal conviction can seriously impact your future. In addition to the fines and possible jail time, a conviction may affect your career and security clearance. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I will fight for you in the courtroom to have the charges dismissed or reduced in order to obtain the most favorable disposition of your case.

Divorce affects the entire family. Lives are disrupted and relationships strained. Decisions must be made regarding the marital home, custody and support of the children, alimony and equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities. I have extensive experience assisting families navigate the divorce process and will fight for you to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome.

When military marriages break down, service members need an attorney who is well versed in both Florida family law and military law, and who has a thorough understanding of the complexities of military retirement benefits for both service members and their spouses.

If you have been involved in a serious motor vehicle accident involving death or injury, I can help. Motor vehicle laws and insurance coverage vary from state to state. I have extensive knowledge of the laws of Florida and surrounding jurisdictions. I can guide you through the claims process, and if necessary through litigation, to maximize your monetary recovery from the insurance company.

I also handle Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcies. The United States Congress has designated my office as a certified debt relief agency. If you are facing foreclosure, garnishment, or overwhelming credit card debt or medical bills, I can help.

My office is located in the Plaza Building on the north side of Highway 98 just west of the Okaloosa / Walton County line. There is ample parking, appointments can be scheduled on short notice and I can accommodate requests for after hour appointments.

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