Avoid Costly Mistakes in Your High-Asset Florida Divorce

It almost goes without saying that a Florida high-asset divorce causes emotional angst and tension for all parties involved. Despite these emotions, it is imperative that parties keep a level head in a high-stress divorce environment. If there is one piece of advice every divorcing spouse needs to follow, it is that keeping your cool is essential.

Otherwise, critical mistakes can be made that prevent a spouse from receiving their deserved compensation for their contributions to an ending marriage. Avoid the following mistakes in your high-asset Florida divorce, and you increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short Due to Frustration

Divorce frustration leads to impetuous behavior that sells yourself short. Imagine, for example, that you are so frustrated with your spouse that you will agree with almost anything just to “get rid” of them. While this behavior is understandable, it weakens your position from a negotiating perspective.

When a spouse knows they are under your skin, they know you will agree to less than you deserve so that they are out of your life for good. Don’t fall for this trap. Instead, let your attorney do the negotiating and fight for you. After all, that is why you seek out the help of an experienced high-asset divorce attorney in the first place.

Similarly, don’t rush to agree to terms because you are in love and ready to move on with someone else. You and your new partner will very much appreciate the assets you rightfully deserve, so stick with the process.

In short, taking your emotions or frustrations out of the equation is the best way to prevent the divorce frustration that limits you in high-asset negotiations.

Take Guilt Out of the Equation

Alternatively, don’t let guilt persuade you into making a bad deal. Mistakes and disagreements happen in a marriage, or they wouldn’t be ending. You still have a life to live after divorce, however, so don’t let feelings of guilt hold you as a prisoner.

You still contributed to this ending marriage, and you deserve rightful compensation for what you contributed.

Unbridled Anger Can Hurt More Than It Helps

With the help of a good lawyer, negotiations with your ex will be plenty tough. Leave the tough talk and negotiation to your attorney who fights for your right to receive every penny that you deserve.

If you are so angry that you want to dig your heels in to make the other party pay — both literally and figuratively — understand that this is draining the amount of money you may end up receiving in your high-asset divorce. Leave bluster and revenge at the door. As hard as that may be, tough and effective negotiations that remain civil will often be your best ticket towards receiving the compensation you deserve when a high-asset marriage ends.

By avoiding these costly mistakes that spouses make all too often, you can ensure that you won’t be the cause of lower than deserved high-asset divorce compensation. This mindset will properly prepare you for the next part of our high-asset divorce series, which highlights the critical steps you need to take in the early stages of your Florida high-asset divorce.

Contact John F. Greene or call 850-213-2673 to talk with an experienced Destin high-asset divorce attorney who will fight for your right to receive deserved compensation for marital contributions.

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