Getting the Best Possible Outcome for Your High-Asset Florida Divorce

In a high-asset divorce, fighting for the best possible outcome is a given. Contrary to popular sentiment, however, this does not mean digging your heels in at all times. Similarly, getting the best outcome does not require rolling over and accepting a bad deal.

With the help of an experienced divorce attorney, your focus should be on intelligent negotiation. Here are a few reminders to keep in mind when negotiating a fair deal for your high-asset divorce.

Know Your Worth

Under Florida law, understand that you are entitled to an equitable distribution of marital property. Don’t give up too soon and sell yourself short simply because you want the divorce negotiations to end.

Fighting for your fair share of the equitable distribution ensures that you will receive fair compensation for your time, energy and efforts invested into your dissolving marriage.

Have Realistic Expectations

While you certainly need to know your value and fight for an equitable distribution, those expectations must be realistic as well. Assess realistic outcomes so that your negotiations with your ex-spouse will not be met with stubbornness and defiance.

With your divorce attorney, constantly assess and revise your goals as needed. That way, you will constantly have a realistic and fair target to ensure an equitable distribution. Agreeing to fair terms with an ex-spouse is typically a more desirable process than expensive and drawn out divorce litigation.

Of course, sometimes litigation is unavoidable, which is why you have an experienced high-asset divorce attorney who can guide you through the process.

The Importance of Civility

Anger, vengeance and vitriol are surefire ways to lessen the odds of having a successful divorce negotiation and outcome. Avoid giving into these sentiments. If your ex-spouse is using these tactics, try to rise above the fray and rely on the professionalism of your attorney.

When civility is ignored, tensions flare and each side wants to stick it to the other, rather than offer a fair deal for all parties. If children are involved, this advice is even more important.

Too many separating spouses use the children as leverage or try to manipulate the children. Avoid telling your children about what a horrible person your ex-spouse is. Not only will that anger your ex-spouse, it also harms the children. When parents separate, children benefit when they are allowed to maintain love for both parents in a respectful environment.

Even in a high-asset divorce, the best possible outcome is not all about money.

The real-world cost of relationships with children and family are an equally important consideration, and civil discourse and negotiating protects and preserves these relationships.

Our final topic in this high-asset Florida divorce series ties it all together by highlighting why you need an experienced high-asset Florida attorney who understands the unique aspects of your high-asset divorce.

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