Guide to Military Divorce in Florida - Part 1 - The First Steps

In a military divorce, the first thing you will need to do is prepare. Proper preparation requires readying yourself both mentally and physically.

Taking the first steps toward divorce requires putting together a roadmap that will see you through to the other side. The following tips help you develop a strategy to do just that.

Mentally Preparing for Military Divorce

Military couples understand the values of service, sacrifice and commitment, which are many of the same foundational pillars within a marriage. That is why emotional distress during divorce can be especially devastating for military spouses.

Military spouses need to understand that divorce is the unfortunate but necessary step to move on with life. If children are involved, a divorce gives the children a better chance at living in a healthy home environment, rather than a toxic environment filled with angst and anger.

The emotional feelings will never go away during a lengthy divorce, but preparing for those feelings helps you stay focused on the big picture. To stay focused you will need to know what to expect. In other words, plan ahead to determine what kind of divorce you are seeking. If you and your spouse are not on good terms, a traditional divorce is your best option. If you collaborate well but the marriage simply was no longer a good fit, a more friendly and collaborative approach with a team of professionals will lead to a more effective divorce mediation.

Being honest about the process in this way will help you prepare financially as well as emotionally.

Preparing Financially for Divorce

Once you understand the likely path of your divorce, you need to start preparing financially. For starters, gather all pertinent information and copies of important records. In many military divorces, one spouse has most of the financial knowledge. If you are the spouse who lacks this information, it is critical that you take steps to obtain this valuable information.

A military divorce attorney can help you retrieve these documents, but this can get costly. Obtain as many documents as you can before even meeting with a Florida divorce attorney.

Some of the documents to retrieve include:

  • Bank Statements
  • Investment Account Information
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Retirement Account Information
  • Loan Applications
  • Tax Returns
  • Property Tax and Mortgage Records
  • Any Other Documents That Impact Divorce Finances

With these documents in hand, put aside as much cash as you can. You will need liquid assets to pay your monthly bills, first and foremost, but this also ensures you can pay the professionals you need during your military divorce which may include an attorney, financial expert and others who may require a down payment to represent your interests.

Finally, outline and itemize your current position and financial standing before meeting with your divorce lawyer and/or a financial analyst. Understanding your assets, monthly income and debts helps your professional team do their job more effectively. Also, be sure to disclose all financial matters to your team. Failing to mention or purposely omitting certain financial information could wind up costing you through the divorce process.  In the long run, having a clear financial picture upfront will save you time and money while also helping your divorce negotiation.

The next portion of our Guide to Military Divorce in Florida will highlight the importance of where you file for a military divorce. Contact Destin divorce attorney John F. Greene or call 850-424-6833 to learn more about your Florida military divorce options.

John’s office is located in Destin and he also serves the cities and surrounding areas of Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Panama City and Santa Rosa Beach.


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