What is Florida's White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act?

The White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act was created by the Florida Legislature to decrease the frequency at which elder people are victimized by criminals committing “white collar,” or non-violent, fraudulent crimes that deceive or cheat victims or companies. The statute clearly summarizes white collar crimes that are covered by the statute, including crimes that involve fraud or deceit upon the victim, crimes involving a conspiracy to derive a person of their property, and crimes that involve intent or conspiracy to defraud a victim. Crimes protected by the White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act require proof of fraudulent activity.

Who is Protected?

The statute specifically protects those who are the victim of aggravated white collar crimes, which occur when one perpetrator commits more than one white collar crime involving the same accomplices, intentions, victims, results, or distinguishing characteristics. The legislation was designed to address complex fraudulent schemes on a larger scale. Specifically, criminals who attempt to obtain at least $50,000 from 10 or more elderly persons, 20 or more persons of any age, or the state of Florida or any government entity are guilty of aggravated white collar crime.

What are the Potential Penalties?

Those found guilty of aggravated white collar crime are typically ordered to pay court fees and restitution to all victims. Those directly harmed by the offender’s actions will be entitled to repayment based on the criminal’s ability to pay. Those convicted may also be subject to penalties and jail time.

How Can a White Collar Crime Conviction Impact My Life?

Criminal convictions of any nature can significantly impact one’s life and future, from ability to get a job, adopt a child, volunteer for organizations or missions, to the ability to obtain financing or find housing. Those who have been charged with any white collar crime should seek representation from an attorney experienced in white collar crime defense to ensure the best outcome possible in their unique circumstances. An experienced attorney knows which defenses are most successful in white collar crime cases and has the ability to apply case law to the unique circumstances surrounding your case. He or she is able to identify loopholes and errors made by other parties that may change the course of your case and improve your outcome.

What Can I Do to Improve My Outcome Following a Charge?

To learn more about appropriate representation following a white collar crime charge, contact experienced Florida defense attorney John F. Greene today. John is focused on justice for those accused and his extensive experience and expertise have allowed him to improve the outcome for hundreds of clients in his thirty years of practice.

The law office of John F. Greene is located in the City of Destin and serves all those along the Emerald Coast, specifically the Destin, Crestview, DeFuniak Springs, Fort Walton Beach, Niceville and Panama City Beach. Contact John online or call 850-424-6833 to schedule a consultation.


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