Five Ways a Criminal Conviction Can Affect Your Life in Northwest Florida

It may be surprising how a simple criminal conviction can change your life in Northwest Florida. In fact, there are a number of negative implications that such an occurrence can have on you for years to come. Problems you face can include difficulties getting a job, public humiliation and difficulties securing loans.

The Inability to Get a Good Job

While it may be unfair, a conviction for a petty or simple crime can stop you from getting a job or getting a good one. This is because assumptions about your character or abilities could be made based on the specific charges. In a potential employer’s mind, a conviction could be a sign of recklessness, dishonesty or poor judgment, none of which the average employer wants to deal with.

Some employers may even question the possibility of repeat offenses, which could cost time and the resources they invest in making you a seasoned employee. These aside, the job market is often congested with persons seeking employment. Employers, therefore, need to find a way to narrow down the number of applicants they have. Many will simply ignore you from the onset and focus on more desirable candidates.

The Ongoing Humiliation

Your criminal record is public unless expunged or sealed. This means that a simple background check is all it takes for anyone to find out about your past conviction(s). This can make it especially hard to move on since all future bosses, lenders, spouses, as well as total strangers, can find out that you have a criminal history. Internet searches are also possible and will become easier as more entities convert their physical files to online records.

Loan and Mortgage Limitations

Do you intend to apply for a mortgage or business loan? Some lenders will refuse your loan application due to a past criminal conviction because a criminal record will generally impact your credibility and character in the eyes of such lenders. Depending on the reason for the conviction, you may actually be considered a high-risk borrower, and most lenders will not give money to someone they do not trust to pay it back.

Federal Funding Limitations

Fortunately, having a criminal conviction does not automatically disqualify you from getting federal aid for school purposes–though it does depend on the type of crime committed. Also, though still eligible, some crimes (such as marijuana and other drug-related charges) may limit your access to these funds.

The Possibility of Losing Child Custody

It is possible to have your character questioned during a custody battle because of a past conviction. The reality is, most individuals do not want to lose custody of their kids, so they will use any ammunition they can find to cast doubt on the other person’s ability to be a fit parent or guardian. In fact, some custody battles get nasty because arrests that did not even lead to a conviction are brought up.

The good news is that John F. Green can help, and has devoted many years to helping people recover their lives after conviction. There is hope if you know how to move forward.

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