How a Criminal Conviction in Northwest Florida Can Affect Your Life

A criminal conviction in Northwest Florida can forever change every aspect of life as you know it. In addition to facing fines or jail time, you will encounter several new challenges after you’ve served your sentence. A few of the most worrisome issues are highlighted below:

Difficulty Finding Employment

In an age of criminal background checks, it can be incredibly difficult to escape your past — especially as you seek to build a new future via steady employment. No matter how much you or your circumstances change, you may still be forced to disclose information about your criminal history as you apply for various jobs. Often, even minor convictions prompt denials. This can occur even when you are clearly qualified for the job.

In recognition of the struggles alleged offenders face when seeking employment, several states have pursued ban the box initiatives. These policies prevent employers from automatically barring any applicant who fails to yield a perfect background check. Florida has yet to instate such a policy, however, so the hunt for work remains decidedly difficult for alleged offenders.

Permit and License Denials

Perhaps you’ve grown weary of the never-ending job applications — and you’re ready to start your own business. Sadly, this, too can be a perilous journey for anybody with a criminal record. A criminal history dramatically increases the likelihood of being denied the key permits or licenses needed to operate within specific industries. With the wrong conviction on your record, you may find your dream career or business venture completely out of reach.

Issues With Housing

Renting is prevalent in Florida, with several regions populated by more renters than homeowners. Vacancies are down throughout the state. As a result, landlords and management companies tend to be picky. Background checks are now part and parcel with the application process. These can prove costly, with most landlords forcing applicants to shoulder the financial burden. The sheer cost of criminal background checks can make the process of finding a rental that much more stressful for those who will almost assuredly be denied due to their criminal past.

Losing Parental Rights

The stress of criminal convictions can make it difficult to sustain otherwise healthy relationships. Many couples ultimately choose to separate or divorce, often leaving courts to determine who will hold primary parental rights. While Florida courts take a variety of factors into consideration, a criminal history could stand in the way of securing sufficient parenting time. Courts want children to grow up in safe, stable homes in which they will follow examples set by moral, upstanding parents. Criminal convictions can throw all that into question — especially if these convictions involve domestic abuse.

John F. Greene Destin Florida Attorney

Given the dire consequences associated with conviction, you cannot afford to take a passive approach as you navigate the local criminal justice system. Aggressive legal representation is critical during this difficult time. Attorney John F. Greene understands the implications of criminal conviction — and he’ll act accordingly. Determined to secure the best possible outcome for your criminal case, he will provide the strategic guidance and advocacy you need. Get in touch online or call 850-424-6833 at your earliest convenience to arrange for a case consultation.


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