The Changing Lanscape of White-Collar Crime in Florida

White-collar crime is not a static concept, and insights reveal that the landscape of white-collar crime could be changing. Of course, there are facets of white-collar crime that will remain constant. Namely, white-collar crime will always be financially motivated, but the very name of white-collar crime implies that it is the practice of white-collar people such as business and government professionals.

However, recent evidence indicates that Florida and the country as a whole is experiencing a gang-related white-collar phenomenon. And, while the nature of who is capable of performing a white-collar crime seems to be changing, some of the white-collar schemes used to target Florida senior citizens are changing as well. With all of these changes, it is imperative that anyone charged with a white-collar crime seek out an experienced white-collar attorney who is staying on top of the latest white-collar developments.

The Rise of White-Collar Gang Culture

While drugs, sex and violence may be your first guess when asked how a gang makes money, many Florida gangs are changing that script. Florida street gangs in Florida and across the country are continually shifting their illegal enterprises towards white-collar crimes such as using identity theft to file fake tax returns and EBT fraud to make money.

In fact, a Florida task force that was created by federal officials has already charged more than 400 people who allegedly caused more than $140 million in losses. More than 60 were charged in December of 2015 alone, and task force officials say that, more and more, individuals arrested are gang members. In Florida, white-collar crime is no longer the domain of high-profile businessmen and executives. Evidence suggests that white-collar crime is increasingly becoming a common source of gang income as well.

New White-Collar Tactics Targeting a Familiar Florida Demographic

The elderly have often been a target of lower level fraud and white-collar crime in Florida. Florida has a large senior citizen population, and new tactics are being used to target them. Since many of the senior citizen demographic are not familiar with relatively new technologies such as email, they are generally more susceptible to identity theft tactics using these platforms.

Given the identity theft used by Florida gangs and by lower level white-collar scams against the elderly, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Florida is the most vulnerable state when it comes to identity theft.

With the propensity of white-collar crime in the state of Florida, anyone charged with identity theft, fraud or any other white-collar crime in Destin needs a proven Florida defense attorney who will fight on their client’s behalf. John F. Greene is a proven criminal defense attorney with more than three decades of private practice experience. No matter what your alleged white-collar offenses in northwest Florida are, John Greene will give you the legal guidance you need to navigate the specifics of your case and have a compelling legal defense. Contact John Greene for a legal consultation today.

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