What Should You Do If Charged with Drug Dealing in Florida?

Using and trafficking drugs in Florida is a major offense that attracts a punishment of hefty fines and a long time in jail. That is why you should not take a charge of drug possession or drug trafficking lightly. If a law enforcement officer finds drugs on you, you could either be charged for possession or for possession with the intent to sell. If charged with drug dealing in Florida, here is what happens and what you should do when charged.

When charged with possessing drugs

You will be charged with drug possession if you are found with drugs in your pocket, bags, home, car or any other space that belongs to you, like a locker. If proved that you had drugs in your possession for your own use, you could get jail time and a fine, or you could be let off with a warning. The punishment, however, depends on the quantity of drugs, the type or class of drugs found in your possession and also the state laws. A formal caution is given, and details are recorded in your police file. In case of repeat offenders, there would be a court hearing.

When charged for possession with intent to sell or distribute

When you are accused of possessing drugs with the intention to sell them, it is a more serious offense and calls for more stringent punishment. Again, whether or not you are charged with supplying drugs to others depends on the circumstances in which you were caught, the quantity of drugs found on you, etc. If the police suspect you of supplying drugs, it is very likely that you will have to attend a court hearing. You are also likely to attract a heavy punishment if you are convicted.

Here, it is important to understand the charge of possession with intent to supply is a wide-ranging charge, and is not limited only to high-level drug trafficking. Even if a small quantity of controlled substance is found on you, and police find evidence that it was for someone else like your friend, family or an acquaintance, even then you will be charged with the intent to sell.

What to do

Drug possession and trafficking is a serious charge, for which you should seek the help of an experienced attorney. To be convicted, the state should be able to prove without any reasonable doubt that the substance found on you was illegal and it really belonged to you. The key, however, is to provide accurate details to the lawyer who will be defending you.

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