Using a Florida Attorney to Assist With Your Drug Offense

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Drug-related criminal offenses are very serious. Even one conviction can result in harsh penalties. If you have been arrested, you should immediately contact a lawyer. Rather than risking a long sentence, start by considering 3 ways an attorney can help with a Florida drug offense or related criminal offense.

Drug Court Can Be A Useful Option

When a conviction for a drug offense is likely, drug court can present an alternative to a jail or prison sentence. While drug court is not available to every person who commits a drug-related criminal offense, it can be quite beneficial to individuals who are eligible. Individuals who are considered good candidates for rehabilitation may be eligible if their offenses were non-violent.

Drug court is a way to avoid incarceration, but the person must be willing to cooperate. During the period of time, he is involved with drug court, he must comply with the required treatment. He must also submit to drug testing on a regular basis so it can be determined that he is not using any drugs. If he does not cooperate with everything that is required of him, or if he is found to be using drugs, he may lose his place in the drug court program and be incarcerated.

An Attorney Can Determine How Evidence Was Obtained

In some instances, individuals are arrested for drug-related offenses after evidence was obtained illegally. An experienced attorney can determine whether this was the case in your particular situation.

As an example, if evidence was obtained by illegal search and seizure, you cannot be convicted of the crime. Another common example is consent that is not voluntary. If you were threatened or led to believe not consenting to a search would result in extreme consequences, it is not considered voluntary consent.

If these or similar examples apply to your situation, a lawyer may be able to get the charges against you dropped.

A Lawyer May Be Able To Get The Charges Reduced

Many factors apply to drug-related offenses. The specific drug in question, the amount of the drug you possess, and whether you intended it for your own use or to sell to others, are some of the factors that can be taken into consideration. Even if the charges cannot be dropped, they may be reduced. It can make a difference in the penalties you receive for a conviction.

However, none of these options will occur automatically. You need experienced legal representation. Only an attorney who is experienced with drug-related criminal offenses in Florida can help you achieve the most satisfactory outcome.

The penalties for drug offenses can result in loss of your time, your money, and your reputation. You do not want to spend time in jail or prison, pay large fines, or have your future damaged by a criminal record for a drug conviction. If you have been charged with a crime that involves drugs, the smartest decision you can make is to speak with an attorney. Call a lawyer before you talk to anyone else because your future depends on it.

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